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2017-12-27 19:59:34 (UTC)

Productive morning again


It is sunny at the moment. I was sitting on the sofa and then I realized that I hadn't written yet.

I started the day with a simple toast and coffee. I didn't want to eat a lot. Then I looked at our Christmas tree and decided it was time to take the decoration down. It took me sometime to do that and I must say it is a boring job. But I did in the end.

Then I got my vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the floors. When I noticed it was almost noon and I didn't prepared lunch.

After our meal, at lunch time I went to bed for a bit because I was tired of vacuuming the floors and cooking. Once again, I just rested. I could not sleep.

Right now, I am doing some laundry because tomorrow I will be visiting my parents at their apartment. So, I will be out of the house for a while.

The day passed quickly in the morning but later I mean in the afternoon, now is passing slowly.

I haven't cleaned the shower box yet. I will do after tomorrow. Let's see. Although, I am here at home... it was a productive day for me.

So, bye for now and see you soon... Good energy to all of us!