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2017-12-27 06:40:30 (UTC)

To write every day?

Mood: AH
Song: A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton
Color: Blue

I'm thinking about trying to write everyday.... which i suck at lol.
i feel like i should end my entry's when i try to write every day for a month in Joe Sugg style "and Remember i'm not a daily Blogger" hahaha
But i have wanted to write everyday, it's always been a goal of mine and i always end up not doing it.
but it's something i want to try.... and i mean really try.
I think i will have to take it one month at a time because if i think about it as a 365 days its alot and it overwhelms me.
But i am going to try to write everyday in 2018 which is coming up fast, plus i need to close out writing everyday in December...i pretty much forgot to write today which is what brings us to this whole subject.
I knew i needed to write, but couldn't be bothered to write and almost decided to just go to bed without writing but then i thought about how there are going to be days like that in the coming year and how i will have to power though it and do it anyway.

And usually even when i don't feel like i have anything to say or any will to write once i get started i get the hang of it and end up writing way more than i originally thought that i would....
also there are a few things that i need to do to prepare for writing every day in 2018...one is to get some accountability to do it, have some of my friends remind me to write and hold me to doing it.
and also i need to let go of the idea that i have to write long entry's like it doesn't have to be big, i could write a sentence, or one paragraph and that would be fine, but i usually feel bad if i don't write more, but that's not a good thing that i do...so it's about defining what is enough as far as the writing and not feeling like it's not good enough when....it shouldn't matter because the writing is for me, and the goal of writing everyday for a year is for me....so why do i feel like i have to live up to a certain thing when it's literally limitless.
So that's what i'll have to do, change my mind set on what my writing could and should be and then just take it one day at a time and do it because i enjoy it....