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2017-12-26 21:43:40 (UTC)


I can't believe Christmas is over. This morning we went out to have lunch. The food was really good and fresh. When I arrived home I was a bit tired and I tried to nap a bit but it didn't work. I guess it is better because I sleep deeply at night.

As my Boxing day... ah... I put some clothes to dry and I had to fold all of them and then I put one load of clothes to wash... Very exciting my afternoon.

A few minutes ago I prepared some pasta to eat...My daughter just loves noodles. Easy meal. Nothing too complicated as I spent Christmas Eve in the Kitchen with my mother. By the way her food is so delicious.

I have been thinking about what are my goals for 2018... One of them is to go out more often but that is related to money as well. If I had more money I could go out more often.

The other one is to continue healthy as I am. Bad days come and go. So, I know there will be days I will feel down and depressed. But I am balancing my moods. That is good. Also, being lonely doesn't help as well. In fact, I cannot complain because my parents have been present in my life. But I mean my husband.

Another thing I want to keep is my diary. It is a good therapy for people like me that don't go out very much.

But what are my goals in the longer term...
* I would like to be with my husband here or in England...
* I would like to get a part-time job to be more active
* Study again - any kind of subject. It could be a new language like Spanish

If one day I can accomplish any of them I will be happy.

By the way, I chatted with my husband a few times. He was tired and he told me it was a long day at his job. Now he is at home.

My daughter is watching some youtubers while I am here.

Well, as you can see...pretty normal routine.

So, tomorrow I need to vacuum the house and wash the shower box... Also, I need to do more laundry... Back to routine.

Bye for now and good energy for all of us!