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2017-12-26 02:53:28 (UTC)

Merry Christmas

Mood: Fine
Song: Welcome to the black parade by My chemical romance
Color: Copper

Merry Christmas.....
Christmas 2017 has passed pretty uneventfully and we've all spent it mostly off in our own little corners just has felt sleepy and relaxed.
i feel tired right now even though i shouldn't but i don't know.
I got two beanies, a pair of gloves, a deck of cards and a mug and a Jacket for Christmas this year...no complaints here i got exactly what i asked for :)
I woke up this Morning around 8:30, went down stairs we read the Christmas story from Luke 2 about Jesus's birth which is the whole reason for the season, we then opened gifts and then i went back to sleep for about 2 hours and we chilled out played with the puppy and watched Christmas movies, we made a late lunch around 2 or 3 and ate, i took the puppy upstairs with me and watched Vlogmas and such.
Then hung out with my family some more and here i am up here again writing this entry, mom and the Girls were watching heart land and dad was in his room.
Like i said all off in our own corners and part of me feels like we should be doing something together but then i'm also like....what would we do? haha.
I don't know...it's almost 9 and Christmas Day is coming to a close and it's been a nice day.... I didn't know what this day would look like for several reason you know?
But i'm not disappointed with it....I hope that the rest of the people in my life that i love so much also had a good day and are at peace and content....filled with love and Joy.