2017-12-25 17:07:40 (UTC)

Was it Christmas ?

I woke up around 8 am. I had a long sleep. I went to Rohan's home and took him to have breakfast in the Brahmachari hotel. With an delicious brakfast, I thought today is gonna be a good day for me as it was Christmas. Not had much plans but still I have told Rohan that we will go to church on 25th.
After the breakfast we went to Sourav's home. As usual he was shirtless and I made so many jokes on him. We went for a spin then, doing the tour of Jhapatapur was our occupation since long. We had a smoke and then went to our homes. I said Rohan and Sourav to invite Aarti and Shaheli in the church. We will go to the Church around 6'o clock and to also include Ravi Bhaiya in the plan.
As it crossed 5.30, I called Rohan but he didn't picked up. After 15 minutes he called back and said that Aarti and Shaheli are having other plans. They wanted to go to Salua instead of Church. I was fine with it, so i told him to ask Ravi bhaiya what he says. He then called Bhaiya and informed me that he will drop me in bhaiya's place and they will go to salua.
We went to bhaiya's place and were standing outside. Sourav came after a little wait and again i made some comments on him. I don't know if he likes those comments or not but they are purely for humour. I don't hurt anyone but he said me that " you speake so much of nonsense". I didn't mind as i know I speak a lot. They told they will be back till 8 and will call us so that we can come to the church and meet up there.
So they went with Aarti and Shaheli. Even bhaiya told me that see Shaheli and Sourav are meeting after a long time, so we should give them little privacy. I could have even went with them but then they wouldn't freely meet. He even said that if you really want Kiran "lets go". But i said no. I am fine.
We waited for their call and today bhaiya spoke his heart out. Talking about all his past he looked depresed. He is having dreams for a week now and has started diggingg his past. He shared his stories and even I shared mine. As i stood there I realized that not only I am the only person who has fallen in Love. There are others who have also fallen in love. I put on a status in facebook today and it was " There is nothing better than having a tete~a~tete with a person who has already experienced it what you are facing it now".
His words meant a lot as I learned something out from it. It educated me in some or other way and I could feel the gratitude of that Man.
We spoke for a long hour and I couldn't remember when was the last time someone spoke with me like this and shared about him.
It crossed 9'o clock and neither of them called. I was not angry this time as this was not the first time It happened. But then I also said to Bhaiya that everyone should learn time management. I always try to stood by my words. If i have given someone a time I would try and come back at that given time. But then I can't expect this from everyone. I and bhaiya ate veg chowmin and he asked me if he will drop me or I will wait for them. I said they won't come today. They will call tommorow and for sure a reason would be ready with them.

As we went back I said even this festival went in vain. I had made plans, i said to everyone that I will go to Church today and look at me I haven't even seen the gate of the Church.
Now i watch others posting pictures in social media with friends and family. For the future I say that 25th December 2017, I don't have any pictures or memories .
Here I am penning a story about my friends, setting up Major friendship goals and my friends don't even know about my feelings. I will surely complete that story for sure with utmost honesty and sincerity.
Its going to be 10.30 pm now and they hadn't called still. Not even informing me that they have went to their homes. What if I had waited for them ?

" In this congeal weather I promise to stick by words.
Words matter the most to me ".