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2017-12-25 04:24:56 (UTC)

Christmas Eve will find me where the love lights gleam

Mood: Content
song: I'll be home for Christmas
Color: Bronze

I'm Listening to Christmas music....the more slow and calming types....the classic favorites of mine.
It's 10:10 On December 24th 2017 and this December, and this year is quickly coming to an end and i'm oddly content with that, i mean at this moment i'm not feeling freaked out about the future or feeling any particular anxiousness about tomorrow or anything, i'm just content to enjoy the rest of this night and let tomorrow roll around as it does, and i feel the same way about 2018....
It does sound weird to say though......ha

A big Merry Christmas to my Friends Zoe, and Karl whom are over seas where it's already Christmas. :)
I hope they have good days no matter what the circumstances are....God bless them both.
i also Got a call from Jay today which was lovely for the most part lol.

Today I got Sparking Juices(a strawberry one and a Pina Colada one, Basically Mock alcohol i made a Pina Colada mixed with orange juice thing a bit ago and it's actually really good...even though i don't drink orange juice very often.

I feel like Today has been a really good day, really relaxed for the most part and i think that's been good for us we've deserved some time to just chill and not have to be doing anything, i will admit as my mom and i were talking about today is it doesn't feel like Christmas Eve... it doesn't feel like a Sunday, it feels like we are in an alternate universe....like everything has been so weird and hectic and stressful that nothing feels normal quite yet....so it's like..... "oh tomorrow's Christmas?"
I don't know The kids are happy and excited, and i'm not not happy or excited it's just things feel just off to me.

But like i said in the beginning i'm not upset or anything i'm content.... I'm sleepy, I'm just here you know?
How has your December been? how was your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day if it's already happened for you?
hope it was great and that you were surrounded by Love and light and Joy.