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2017-12-24 23:24:10 (UTC)

Brother in law

I asked him today if he would take the chair I was using in the shower when I needed his brother so he would not feel so
unsafe taking a shower....he had mentioned when he was here that one of the cousins whom he once worked for talked kind of
snappy at him when he called him this week. In my mind, I am thinking this man is not showering....he is afraid that he is going to alone...and so sick. I may be mistaken, but seems to me that my husband told me...once that it was this cousin who
was "power of attorney" over his brother. So, why would he one, let him not go to doctors appointments...not take showers...
and be in such a state? and two..think it is ok to talk to him like he is no longer important to him? Maybe he wants him to die?

It just goes to show that I have obviously married into a very dysfunctional family....and all the things they have done over
the years to hurt me and attempt to drag me just is them. NOT ME!!!!! For him to sit there and say...
"Oh I will do that...I will but NOT TODAY..."

So, if you are so damn concerned that your brother is dying...then why are you not over there at his house..making sure he
has kitchen...clean clothes to wear and everything is set up for him to live safely by himself? WHY? Is this
what I have to look forward too.....when or if I stay here long enough to be in such a state?

These people are heartless as hell.

It is very noticeable...on the holidays...when I see about 12 cars parked at my neighbors house....this afternoon....
and uh...well, just ours here today. And only one yesterday. So, no one in this family gives much of a hoot
about us...and or anyone else in it...and I for one am beginning to understand why?

I hear it all the time....since he is now noticing that I am very upset sometimes with things he does or if
he has no heart at all.....I am beginning to hear him say "I did not mean to sound hateful....but.....( then the
explanation which is shallow and worthless)
Sometimes I feel like I am lost in someone else's space....and life. This could not possibly be mine?

Is It?
Is this it?

For the love of GOD....

All I was asking is someone please go check on my brother in law....instead of waiting on him to you
do not have to hear his phone stupid are these selfish fuckers anyway? If his cousin is his
pwr of attorney...which I am not believing..he knows my brother in law has money in the bank...he can go
to the doctor....but oh no...I bet he would rather he he can take over his accounts....
instead of watching him spend it on doctors....and hospital stays....I can see right through these people...
and I am more and more feeling one is really cared about in it......selfish damn people.