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2017-12-24 04:10:48 (UTC)

Puppy Surprise

Mood: Super Tired
Song: None, YouTube though.
Color: Purple

So this day has been a mix of good and bad.
I buried Peaches this Evening....i had to do it all alone and it was a bit emotionally hard...death of anything puts life into perspective and after i just felt dirty, not a physical dirtiness but like....i touched a dead thing and that brings its own psycological issues.
But my parent continue to shock me.... we've had to bury two dogs this year....and today my parents surprised Tara and Emma with a puppy, they said it might bring some healing to us all.
I don't know...i wasn't at first keen on the idea of a dog, but the puppy is a Rat terrier which is a crude name for such a cute Dog.
She's adorable and little and cuddly.
I like her, the kids were over the moon and i think it'll be good for mom and dad as well.

I'm sore and tired from the digging and cleaning this whole house today...but i'm contented...life was okay today....arguing and fighting included.
For now i'm going to relax and then maybe go to sleep early because i have to be up early tomorrow.... It's Christmas Eve and Sunday.

oooh also i wrapped all the presents i needed to today...ha i had been putting off that job...lol

Peace and Merry Christmas to you.