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2017-12-21 19:53:38 (UTC)



My nails are done... I still find it a waste of money and time. Also, she hurt my toe. But I thought it would be nice for Christmas, or a present for myself. I really don't care if my nails are done but when I go out I see that most of the women have it done and it looks nice. I had to wait there for a long time. They were busy.

My parents were here this morning. Once again, we had a barbecue. It was good but yesterday it was delicious. My father just phoned me saying he vomited. Of course, I told him to wait for the gardener but he wanted to do it by himself. He is not young anymore... He has to take care of himself. But the pebbles are on the floor and it is nice and clean once again.

I collected the clothes from the airer and folded them. I am doing as well some laundry but that is it. It is officially summer. It rained heavily last night. Today is sunny and hot. It is evening and it is still sunny. I enjoy it when we have long days with day light.

We should go out today but we didn't. Tomorrow I hope to go out and see people around me again... Guess? We are going to the supermarket and to the mall.

I am a bit depressed today and I feel a bit tired. I started the year walking in the path but now I don't anymore. I guess it is a sedentary life. I find it boring walking in circles... even though it is green around. I don't feel active enough but then it is related to the type of life I have.
I hope to go out tomorrow... Let's see.

Well, back to the laundry... Good energy and long holidays... ha ha ha