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2017-12-21 03:32:51 (UTC)

Run Down

Mood: Eh
Song: Fairly Local by Twenty one pilots
Color: Orange

Today has felt so weird, like it hasn't felt like a Wednesday and it also hasn't felt like any other day of the week either so i don't know the past week has been long and weird and everything seems to be running together.
Tomorrow we go and see dad in the City, then maybe the next day he will get to come home *here's hoping*

Today a couple of people have brought by meals to us just to be nice since Dad is in the hospital and things are crazy and it's close to Christmas and it was really nice of them, and i found out a bit ago that people are lined up to bring at least 3 more meals and that's crazy.

We are being blessed by people and that is a nice feeling.
We went into Elk Briefly this evening did some things at the PCC and then looked at the Christmas lights in the park which as always is beautiful and they add new things every year, we're home now, the girls are watching some show with mom and i am here writing this quick entry before finding something to watch myself before winding down for the evening.

I need to shower and i need to pack a bad for over night tomorrow but right now i just want to chill for a few minutes.