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2017-12-20 19:29:55 (UTC)

This afternoon

Hello again...

The cleaner just left. The house is clean. She broke a plastic jar I had but never mind... It was plastic...

I invited my parents to come here. We probably will have a barbecue... I miss having some people to talk to... So, I am glad they are coming. My father is officially on a holiday today. I am sure he will come here very often even if it is to feed the dogs. They eat a lot though.

I am pretty bored as I said. Tomorrow is another day. I will be going to the hairdresser to do my nails for Christmas. Once in a year... ha ha ha...
It is in my opinion a waste of money and time but I want to wear sandals as it is getting hot... And it looks like everybody has their nails done here in Brazil.

This afternoon, I popped at the local supermarket to buy a mop and a piece of cake... I miss going out though. I hope they will finish installing the internet at my parents' and we will be able to go out.

Well, I'd better go.