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2017-12-20 14:52:30 (UTC)

A bit of everything

Good afternoon!

It is partially cloudy again but it is not raining at the moment. I just had some spare time now. We had our lunch and today I didn't bother cooking anything that took too much time. Soon, the cleaner will be coming. Once again, she phoned me asking if she could come tomorrow but I asked her to come today because tomorrow I am going out with my mother and my daughter.

I wish I could have her every week because the house is clean every time she comes. I vacuum the house once in a while but it is nice when she mops the floors and does the rest I don't because I feel it is too much to do. I saved some money so that she would come once again before Christmas. But now I am going to ask her to come just in January. So, I will have to wash the shower box.

Today I woke up a bit late... It was 8.10 a.m. when I got up. I have spoken to my husband a few times. He must be going to work soon. He is all right. He was a bit sleepy but soon he starts moving he should be OK.

My father was here this morning. He said tomorrow he will be coming here. He isn't on a holiday yet. He has to work this afternoon.

I am in a good mood although I feel a bit tired. My depression comes and goes and this routine doesn't help as well. But as I said before I am OK but bored. I am doing some laundry at the moment.

My mother is OK. She came here yesterday and today she told me they would install the internet connection there. I miss having my parents with me but then it is good I become a bit more independent from them. Before, they were my neighbours and I miss having their company in the mornings.

My daughter is in the living-room and is using her mobile. She has improved her English just by watching some you tubers. I am very happy about that because she speaks English with her father. With me she speaks Brazilian Portuguese... ha ha ha But if I speak with her in English she answers most of the time in Portuguese and then sometimes in English but she has no problem in holding a conversation in English.

Well, it is going to be another day at home. But today I didn't feel the time passing which is good...

Hoping a good day and good energy to everyone, I finish this entry...

"Just beyond the horizon of so-called impossible is infinite possibility." (Bryant Mcgill)

See you later...