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2017-12-20 05:41:12 (UTC)

Sleeping at last Songs

Mood: Ugh
Song: Sun by sleeping at last
Color: Green

Okay so Here are some Songs i have been loving and listening to a lot lately with a lyric that i like from that song and i am completely obsessed with these songs, also
"Moon" and "Uranus" are both Instrumental songs which is why they aren't in the list below in their "proper" places but they are great as well very beautiful i 10/10 recommend you checking out these songs and the other Sleeping at last songs, i haven't heard them all yet but i haven't heard one i haven't liked yet

Mercury By sleeping at last
"No one can unring this bell, Unsound this alarm, Unbreak my heart new God knows i am dissonance waiting to be swiftly pulled into tune"

Venus By sleeping at last
"I was a billion little pieces till you pulled me into focus astronomy in reverse it was me who was discovered"

Earth by Sleeping at last
"Fault lines tremble underneath our glass house, But i put it out of my mind, long enough to call it courage to live without
a lifeline, I bend the definition of faith to exonerate my blind eye till the sirens sound i'm safe"

Mars by Sleeping at last
"Our questions ricochet like broken satellites how our body's born to heal become so prone to die?"
"Lay your weapons down, they're calling off the war on account of losing track of what we're fighting for"

Jupiter by Sleeping at last
"Make my messes matter, make this Chaos count, let every little fracture in me shatter out loud"

Saturn By Sleeping at last
"You Taught me the courage of stars before you left how light carries on endlessly even after death
with shortness of breath you explained the infinite how rare and beautiful it is to even exist, i couldn't
help but ask for you to say it all again, i tried to write it down but i could never find a pen i'd give anything
to hear you say it one more time that the universe was made just to be seem by my eyes"

Neptune By sleeping at last
"I'm only honest when it rains, an open book with a torn out page and my inks run out i want to love you but i don't know how"

Pluto By Seeping at last
"I've been worried all my life, a nervous wreck most of the time, i've always been afraid of heights of falling backwards falling backwards
I've been worried all my life, Till one day i had enough of this exercise of trust, i leaned in and let it hurt, let my body feel the dirt
when i break pattern i break ground, i rebuild when i break down i wake up more awake than I've ever been before"

Sun By Sleeping at last
"With Golden Stream out universe was clothed in light, pulling at the seams our once barren world now brims with life
That we may fall in love every time we open up our eyes I guess space and time takes violent things, angry things and
makes them kind, We are the dust of dust, We are the apple of Gods eye we are as infinite as the universe we hold inside."

North By sleeping at last
"We'll tell our stories on these walls, every year measure how tall and just like a work of art we'll tell our stories on these walls
Let the years we're here be kind be kind, let our hearts like doors be open wide open wide, settle our bones like wood over
time give us bread, give us salt, give us wine, A little broken a little new we are the impact and the glue capable of more than
we know, we call this fixer upper home"

South By sleeping at last
" Some truths can learn to play nice, some truths are sharper than knives, Some truths we only see in the corner of our eyes
some truths we wish we could hide, Some truths can save us, some take our lives some truths are fire others are ice
no matter what category you fit into truths got its sight set on you"

East by Sleeping at last
" The years wore on and changed my heart, the leading roll for a smaller part, Now i bare little resemblance to the king i once was
i bare little resemblance to the king i could become maybe paper is paper, maybe kids will be kids, lord i want to remember how
to feel like i did, I set out to rule the world with a paper shield and a wooden sword"

West By sleeping at last
"Maps stretched out to many miles to count lets just say we are inches apart and even closer at heart and we'll be just fine
Another pin pushed in to remind us of where we've been and every mile adds up and leaves a mark on us and sometimes
our compass breaks and our steady true north fades we'll be just fine"