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2017-12-19 21:33:33 (UTC)


Mood: Exhausted
Song: None
Color: Purple

I'm Exhausted emotionally and physically the last week or so has been insane and it's been really weird and hard not having Mom and Dad around specially since it's close to Christmas, and now Dad might be in the hospital through Christmas and that makes me really Sad.
I've been trying to do festive and happy things for the girls and make this as easy on them as possible.
But we all are feeling a little sad and down, knowing that our family should be together and not apart.
We might be going and seeing Dad tomorrow and mom's here right now and she's taken a nap and now spending some time with the girls and so i think i'm going to let myself take a nap cause i just feel really drained.
This isn't much of an entry for today and i missed yesterday even though i said i was going to write everyday in December, but i'll try to get another entry up today hopefully on something better than this, to make up for it
ugh i'm just sad and tired and i think proper sleep will improve this situation a lot.....