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2017-12-19 12:33:16 (UTC)

Breakfast with my brother

Hi there!

It is a bit cloudy and there is some drizzle. I like when the weather is like that. It is not hot today. I woke up late today. It was 8.05 a.m. when I looked at the clock and decided I had to get up.

My brother popped here and we had breakfast together. He is still dating that girl. It seems that they will stay together.

I was feeling a bit tired this morning. I hate when I feel like that. I guess it is the routine that sucks.

Yesterday afternoon, I managed to vacuum the house. As the cleaner is coming tomorrow I won't be doing it today probably. The fact is I need to vacuum the house everyday. My vacuum cleaner is so small that it is easy to clean but I prefer the other one.

I have to think about what I am going to cook. But I just had breakfast.

Well, I will try to get busy...

Bye for now and good energy to everyone...