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2017-12-18 17:12:32 (UTC)


Hello again!

I just prepared a banana milkshake. It was delicious. My daughter enjoys it a lot and me too. I am trying to stay busy but unless I end up cleaning the house, the routine is pretty much the same...

I follow a woman on youtube and then she has two kids. I like to watch her because she travels a lot. It is nice though the idea of being able to continue life after you become a mother. She inspires me to continue life although my world is a bit slow. I wake up everyday thinking I can change it, I can change the way I live my life. I just need an opportunity. If I ever come to this opportunity I want to be able to share it here. While it doesn't happen I continue to live what I call life at the moment.

Today I haven't done a lot of cleaning. I am going to get up tomorrow morning and do it... I mean vacuum the house. The cleaner comes on Wednesday and then the house will be clean again for Christmas.

My father said he is going to work until Wednesday and then he starts just in January to work again.

Well, I will try to find something to do... Maybe if I am inspired I will vacuum the floor. Great job to do...

Good energy and a good day to everyone.