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2017-12-17 22:19:29 (UTC)

Sunday cutting up onions

LOL. Yeah, I cut up the onions and bell pepper for the meat loaf he wanted to make today while he and my son finally got off their
butts and moved the furniture around. I am exhausted. Of course I had to sort things, wipe things down and vacuum the carpets
and other things like that to prepare both areas for what they were doing. I am ok with the way it looks. We have a little more room.
That table will change that tomorrow when it is delivered. But at least there is room for it. I can sit in my recliner by the open window
now. I like it. I do not have my chair or my bed over the heat vents. THANK GOD...who ever come up with putting the damn things so far
from the wall...making it difficult in bedrooms to place furniture without doing so over them.

My room is closest to the furnace so; it get hot as the henges of hell in here....He keeps the fan on since he is too slack to replace the
fan in his bathroom...he turns the fan to the furnace on when he uses it. Which is a lot. Not to mention he wears boxers...and a thin
muscle shirt so he has to cut the heat up over 72 degrees to be warm.

When I got up this morning to take a shower, washed my hair...drying off was impossible. I had to open the window in here all the way...
then I went down the hall and opened one of the doors. It was 40 degrees outside...but sweat was pouring off my body like I had been
working out or something. Probably hormones. Part of life. A part I do not like very much.

Mid day, my neck started itching like it was on fire...and my hands too....I finally too a zertec to hopefully help. I think it did help...
but I am sick of this shit too.

I mailed the 14 Christmas cards to friends and family and a couple clients. Yeah, 14. One of those family members almost did not
get one...and they are not mail yet. I may throw it in the damn trash. That woman is relentless...praising GOD all the time...but loves
run her damn mouth and listen to horrible untrue gossip. I do not know her. She is a bitch and hates me very much. But again...
we do not know her. She thinks sitting around and talking about someone is the way to get to know them. IT IS NOT PEOPLE!!!!
If you really want to get to know someone...TALK TO THEM....NOT ABOUT THEM.....

I can not deal with stupid people anymore. I refuse too. Even clients. I tell them to find someone else to work with them....
I am not showing them every damn house in North Carolina...MAKE A DECISION....I am not a tour guide. ...and DO NOT BRING YOUR
neighbors and their kids...and your grandkids...I am not a childcare teacher EITHER.....NO DOGS!!! Please.....for the love of GOD...
NO KIDS, NO ANIMALS...I am selling you a house...not your kids....not your family...and not your dog. I am not allowed to let all
those people running loose in someones house. It is wrong. So, when I we can not all go inside. TOUGH SHIT...


I love to rant.

Thank you for letting me. I would never talk to someone that way.....but if one of you was. my assistant....
you could do it for me....

A girl can dream.....huh?
And so can an old woman....