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2017-12-17 19:09:10 (UTC)

Lunch at the mall

Hi there!

My father came early as my mother didn't want to go with us... It is funny because she argued with him and then we have to deal with their fight as well. So, I can't believe she missed a nice meal at lunch time. As it was a bit early to eat we looked for a shoes shop at the mall. My father bought then a pair of shoes and after a cover for his mobile. The mall was empty at that time... I guess people are at the beach. It is so expensive to go to the beach. I enjoy going to the beach but not crowded places anymore.

After lunch, we were back home. I haven't done any housework. I will wash the clothes tomorrow morning. I still have to take the rubbish in front of the house.

I rested for sometime. I am usually tired of being here... It is so hot that being in the mall is a bonus because of the air conditioner. It is forecast a thunderstorm tonight.

Well, I better rush and take the rubbish.

Good energy to everyone...