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2017-12-17 18:37:25 (UTC)

Christmas Play and a Sunday

Mood: Sleepy but mostly content
Song: None but i did just finish catching up on Vlogmas
Color: Blue

The Kids Christmas play was today and i ran slides and sound.
It went okay all things considered.
Emma how ever was a hit, she remembered her lines, delivered them well and didn't miss a beat and i was really proud of her especially since she didn't zone out like she usually does.
I think they all did pretty well and even if it wasn't perfect i always have to hand it to the people who have the guts to stand up and sing, act or do anything in front of a crowd of people...and even if i'm not in front, i get nervous for the people that are.

Dad's still in the hospital, no new news, he says he wants to come home tomorrow or Tuesday i personally think its going to be Wednesday or Thursday, definitely not tomorrow, but Tuesday at the Earliest Thursday at the latest hopefully.
As it's Sunday here are the things i'm thankful for.

1. My family
2. Faith
3. Love
4. Loyalty
5. Laughter
6 Friends.
7. Seeing good in people or just good people in a mass of not so good people
8. A home
9. My health
10. Internet
11. A lazy Sunday
12. Doctor and Nurses that actually know what they are doing and actually care about the people.
13. Stories
14. Memories
15. God.