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2017-12-17 04:08:16 (UTC)

Letter To Death

Mood: contemplative
Song: Haven't met you yet Micheal Buble
Color: Peach

I guess if we are going to have words, I feel like i should get to speak first, since all you leave behind you in silence....
i have a few things to get off my chest
First of all i'd like to say that i'm not afraid of you the way most are, when i think of you i have no fear for myself because i'm ready for you when you come for me, weather that be this night, 9 years from now or 50 years from now...i do how ever have strong anger towards you and some anxiety when i think of how you will come for the people i love....i know you come for everyone, i know that we all have to die, only one person i know that has truly cheated death.
i wonder Death...how you feel about that? i imagine you angry and bitter and cheated because there's one person you couldn't contain, one that you couldn't control....one that beat you so that we all could.
Death.... I accept the concept of you with the knowledge that you are actually Unnatural, that you are only as strong as God allows you to be, That one day you will lose your sting.....
But that day isn't today so i have to deal with the fallout that you leave behind have to accept that in this life when you take someone that i won't see them again....i won't be able to make them laugh or hear them speak to me....that's what you do Death, you make silence, Violent silence, you are violent silence.
You leave a heart ache that we doesn't ever go away...
I have written about you death, written about the people you've taken away from me, Said i couldn't imagine a world without them prayed that you wouldn't come when you did, and sometimes was shocked when you came unannounced and there wasn't time for last words and goodbyes, You are the Cancer that killed my Grandfather, The Lack of air that killed my Brother, The sickness that took Gene, The age that took Winnie, You are the phone call that we never want to get and the one that brings us to our knees because you are out of our control.
Death.... I There were times where i was close to you, times i fought you away with all that i had... Instances where i narrowly escaped.... I wonder what your reaction was like in those moment's are you like a person playing a sport, who's taking a shot and watching it circle around the rim before bouncing out and you cringe and say "SO CLOSE! i was so close!"
And then you remember "Close" only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades....the latter i'm sure you enjoy much more.
Death Do you enjoy your Job? or do you find it difficult to take so many people at such speed every, day, week, Month, Year?
Do you find some pride in the people that come to you smiling and willing when they know their time is up?
or is it better for you if the person is scared and nervous waiting for you to finally show your face after so long of avoiding you.
I don't know Death.....I wish i didn't know you at all....I hope that we don't meet often and i hope that we don't meet soon.