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2017-12-16 20:09:32 (UTC)

My parents


My father just left our house. It is 5.49 p.m. and I am doing some laundry now. We had a nice barbecue for lunch but my mother wasn't here. My parents keep arguing and then she wanted to visit my ex-sister in-law... I didn't want to go as she never cared for me. They were going to decorate her Christmas tree and I was not in the mood to spend the whole afternoon in her apartment. I just hope she doesn't get upset I didn't go with her.

Yesterday morning we went to the supermarket. My daughter went with us. We had breakfast at the supermarket cafeteria. It was delicious as always. After we arrived home I started cleaning the kitchen cupboards. I haven't finished yet. I still need to spend more time cleaning it. But my legs ache now.

I am in a good mood but don't feel comfortable when my parents come to our house and argue like they did. Tomorrow we are going to have lunch out.

Well, those are my news... lol I hope tomorrow will be better if they don't argue.

Good energy to all of us!