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2017-12-15 23:25:28 (UTC)

A Letter to Time

Mood: Drowsy
Song: Dear Maria count me in by All time low
Color: Blue

Dear Time,
Why do you fly by when i want you to slow down and drag on when i want you to hurry up and pass? why is it that you are always like that? why is it i am never content with what you do time?
When i have you, i waste you on things that don't matter and when your around you don't stay for long i swear time you are like a thief in the night here and gone without anyone ever noticing until it's too late, until your running out.
I wonder time...if you and i could make a deal?
If i could go back and see things that i don't quite understand or remember clearly that would be cool, or even to be able to jump forward a bit to know what life has in store for me, i think time that if i knew i might be able to manage you better time...we might have a better relationship than we currently do.
Another thing Mr Time i'd like to be able to do is to save you up, i have an extra hour today with nothing to do can i just put that hour in a bank and save it for a rainy day? for when i'm really gonna need it?
just cash it in later when my breath is short and my bones are brittle and weak, for when i'm no longer so young and able, for when my mind starts to fade.
Oh? you don't make deals? you don't take bribes? you say we shouldn't take what little we have of you for granted because your a gift?
Yeah i know....
You are the fast walker, The Olympic Runner, The Angry Driver, You don't stop for anyone and we can't keep up with out no matter how hard we try to, by structuring y our hours, days, weeks, months and years.
We mark you off with Special occasions and tragedy's.
One day we are going to run out of you, it the fact of you Time Just like Love is Infinite our time is not, it's the time clock ticking down seconds passing us by 1...2..3...4...5..6...7...8...9...10.
Time I've learned your lesson at a young age, to live and love to the fullest because time is short and a gift to have because we are alive and we have a purpose we aren't supposed to waste you.
I hope that the time i waste is at a minimum and the time i use is abundant.
Thank you for the Memories you've given me, thank you for healing old wounds over you time, Thank you for age, for allowing me the chance to Grow up and be....Because i almost didn't and i'm thankful.