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2017-12-14 05:47:21 (UTC)

Letter to Love

Mood: Anxious
Song: It ends tonight by All time low
Color: Purple

The Will smith Movie Collateral Beauty The Main Character Writes to Love, Time and Death as a way of coping with Tragedy in his own life i saw this movie last year but tonight the subject was brought up and i haven't had a death or any tragedy that is to horrible recently but i think that we all have struggles with life and we all have gone through hellish things and so letter like this most of us could write....
and it inspired me to write a letter to Love, Time and Death and i think i will do it as three separate Entry's 3 separate letters.
So without further ado here is my letter to Love.

You are literally everywhere all over the world in us as people...if we have the eyes to see it.
You are all around me, you are infinite and yet i seem to lose sight of you when i get angry, lose sight of you when i get lonely, lose sight of you when i feel helpless.
Do you feel honored love? that you are probably the most sought after thing on the earth?
we all want to love and be loved, we search for it weather consciously or unconsciously weather we admit we need you or not.
We Need you from the very beginning of our existence to the very end.
We write about you in songs, books, poems, we put you as the focus as our entertainment and in our dreams and fantasy's but we also seek you out in our waking life.
You change on us and we are left playing catch up.
I've heard story's about you my whole life, how you were found by some and lost by others,
The memory of the good things and the bad things you've done for people stays burnt into memory so that we constantly have a love/Hate relationship with you (No pun intended)
Your celebrated by many and mourned by the rest, we try to forget you and swear you off but you are the one thing we can never escape even if we'd like to try to....
Because Love, you will always be around us, in our Family, In our Friends, In the stranger sitting across from us, In the words we do and don't say, in the Touch of a person, In the Sacrifices we make, in the things that we do for each other, in the things we give, In the time that we spend with each other.
You are Infinite, we can generate enough of you to change the world, or curse your name forever.....it's the choices we make that decide the relationship we have with you, but either way you and i and all the rest of us are stuck with each other...which honestly is comforting because i can't imagine a world without you love, no matter how much i've been hurt by you.
I wish sometimes you weren't so hard to find in people, I wish that you hadn't burnt us before so that we would be more open to taking a chance on you and other people, i think we would be happier.
I wish Love that you would come my way in the shape of someone i could spend the rest of my life with, i wish you would do so with all of my friends and family.
I hope that you come to us all in large amounts for all of our lives and that you can help heal us when we get hurt, i hope that you surround us...because as i said before we need you.
Thank you Love for the good things you have sent my way, and i'm not so happy about the pain...but i know that that is a part of life and a risk of having you, and i know that it teaches us lessons and that it's worth risking to have because when we have you and can feel you fully we never want to go without you again.
Be gentle love okay? I've been hurt and betrayed, i don't open my heart easily anymore...its difficult now when it used to be so open and easy If i trust you...Are you going to let me have in life the most beautiful of all things? You Love, You that comes from God himself, You love, in your simplest form....you in the eyes of those around me, you in the laughter of children, you in a person that my soul will connect with.
Or will you break me? burn me, Leave me in the form of those same people that i care about so much? Make me feel all alone? make me feel like i can't trust you? or that i can't find you?
The answer Love that you would say to that right now....is both.
You will do both.
And i guess i have to be okay with that.