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2017-12-13 22:03:20 (UTC)

Roller Coaster

Mood: All over the place
Song: None watching Vlogmas!
Color: Red

It's a roller coaster this life that we are living.
every other day for the past week has been everything is fine, then the worlds ending back to everything's fine back to the worlds ending.
I can't even tell you or begin to predict tomorrow all i know is it honestly give me so much anxiety.
Trying to breathe and take it one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time.
Honestly i just feel super tired right now it's four o clock and it feels so much later.
Tonight we were supposed to Christmas Carol but honestly i'm not sure i feel like going even thought T and E want to.
If we don't i think i'll still do something fun with them...
Maybe we'll bake and stay in and watch Christmas Movies all cozy.
that sounds like a plan to me...but we'll see.
Nothing feels right knowing Dad's in the hospital 3 hours away.