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2017-12-13 07:50:39 (UTC)

Random Acts

Mood: Inspired and tired
Song: It Ends tonight By All time low.
Color: Orange

I am all about the Random acts of kindness, all year around but especially around Christmas i think it's just extra nice to do things nice for people and to just not expect anything in return....to do it anonymously if possible and well here is a list of Random acts of kindness that are easy to do in pretty much any situation you may be in....so lets play the pay it forward game and if you are reading this go do something nice or someone!

1. Compliment someone.
2. Sticky note someone ( post sticky notes with positive messages for someone some where they will see them)
3. Pay for the person behind you in life for coffee or at the store ect.
4. Smile at someone.
5. Snail mail send someone a card or letter.
6. If your getting something from a vending machine get two and leave the second for someone else to find.
7. Cook dinner or bake something for someone.
8. Donate money or your time to a charity.
9. Visit people in a nursing home.
10. When your going clothes shopping take sticky notes and put positive body messages in random clothes for people to find when they buy/or try things on.
11. Let someone go in front of you in line
12. Hold the door for someone.
13. Let people Merge in traffic.
14. Call up a friend or family member that you haven't talked to in a long time.
15. Make extra copies of photos and send them to the people in the pictures.
16. Give To the homeless shelter and or volunteer at one.
17. Help out at your local church.
18. Stop and help someone who's having car trouble.
19. Send a care package to a soldier.
20. Shovel snow, Mow a yard, Rake leaves, plant flowers ect.
21. Leave nice comments on blogs, YouTube videos, FB, Insta, Twitter ect.
22. Do the Task that no one else want to do.
23. Pay for the Gas of the person at the pump next to you.
24. Tip Generously. ( seriously)
25. Offer to Baby sit for someone who rarely gets a night out for themselves.
26. Drop quarters or dollars on the ground for people to find.
27. Don't let your friends, Family, Co workers ect be alone on the holiday's
28. Give great recommendations.
29. Befriend someone who is alone or seems to not fit in.
30. Clean house for a friend or family member.
31. Make someone a playlist of amazing songs.
32. Get someone a "Just because gift" even if it's something small.
33. Give someone a hug.
34. Genuinely ask someone how they are and wait for them to answer.
35. Write a list of reason you like/Love about someone and give it to them
36. Make two lunches and give one away.
37. Give up a good parking spot.
38. Give up your seat on the Bus/Train
39. Leave diapers and wipes at a changing station (or Pads and Tampons in a women's restroom)
40. Donate to a Pregnancy care center, Baby clothes, Diapers, Money, Your time ect.

There are so many more random acts of kindness but as it's close to 2 in the morning i'm going to end this list here in hope of one getting some sleep tonight and two that you do something or multiple things from this list and let me know some of your own random acts of kindness ideas!