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2017-12-12 22:07:30 (UTC)

Christmas shopping

Hi there!

I just had my shower after we came back from the mall. I am a bit tired but the Christmas presents are bought. I didn't buy expensive things because we cannot afford it. But as my family is small I was able to buy for everyone something, mainly clothes. Every year I get the feeling that we are not going to be able to buy anything because our budget is so tight. Fortunately, we do.

The good thing about going out is that we had our meal at the mall. Also, we had coffee and cake in the afternoon. I value every minute of these little things as I cannot go out very often because it is very expensive the petrol and the meals. I mean to pay for them.

We had a good time there and I feel happy that my mother and I just got on well. She also bought something for Christmas. It was quite busy for a Tuesday. I don't like when the mall is too crowded.

Now I am going to relax for a while and sleep...

Good energy to everyone...