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2017-12-12 05:59:47 (UTC)

Christmas Moves

Mood: Stalling so i'm not alseep
Song: Piano Music In the background
Color: Pink

A list Of great Christmas movies in no particular order because it's the Christmas season and Christmas movies are amazing.

1. It's a wonderful life( My family and i watch this every Christmas season)
2. The Santa Clause Movies 1-3
3. The Year without a Santa Clause
4. Santa Clause is coming to town.
5. Elf.
6. Rudolf the Red noesed reignedeer
7. Frosty the snow man
8. The Grinch Both the animated and non animated
9. A Christmas Carol.
10. Mickey's once upon a Christmas.
11. Jack Frost
12. The Nightmare before Christmas
13. The Polar Express
14. Babes In Toy land
15. Jingle all the way

There are so many more good ones but here is just a quick list of some of my favorites.