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2017-12-11 22:28:30 (UTC)

Monday start up

I barely slept at all last night. I was thinking I was supposed to take him to the eye doctor this morning, so instead of trying to go back
to bed a 4am, I stayed up. Only to realize his appointment was in the afternoon and he could go on his own this time. So, I moved around a
little slow today.

He had gone to his appointment around 2pm when I finally got a chance to sit and rest a bit. 5 seconds later the phone started ringing...and
emails coming in. When is the closing, what time? I still had never heard back from the girl at the lawyers office about the time. My company
is having two closings next Monday...but one is in the morning and the other in the afternoon. We need to know what time each is...
since we have people to show up. She finally sent the HUD but nothing on the hud showed monies prorated for the rental income.
So, I sent her the addendum again...checked my notes..and saw the date when I sent it before. I forwarded everything to the other
broker...since the rental property belongs to his clients and it is up to him to be n touch with closing coordinator to get all that
straight. Still do not know the time....

Then...someone called asking about my Speedway CONDO....which excited the boss. He is going to rent one of them..but decided not
to rent the one we have listed. Instead, I am taking him this week to see the one that he wants to includes utilities. He is
really going to move into a condo at the Plus...we go also to see the condos for the Lake house be sure it
is ok to show him. I had been addressing the last of my post cards for the lake house neighborhood...when he called me about
that guy. Which I thought was phone kept ringing all afternoon.

He was back from his appointment....and I was finally off the phone.....
then in the middle of getting caught up with him on his daughter texted me that
her closing has been moved too next MONDAY too...

so our company will have 3 closings on week. Wow.....

so, my work on those three is done...and I am ready to move on too the next transactions...
listing that lake house....
getting that man into his condo.....

and hoping more listings.....I am exhausted today