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2017-12-11 18:06:37 (UTC)

blah blah blah

Hello again!

Oh... guess what? I am here again... It is still hot... I tried to watch some youtubers to get myself busy for a while but then I got fed up and decided to come here for a while. My daughter introduced me to this world... I just love it.

I am happy that I can have the whole time for myself if I want at the moment but the problem is what to do with the time I have... Now that my parents sold the house I have enough time here at home because before I used to pop there very often and I was used to chatting with my mum. She still doesn't have internet connection. Then I phone her very instead. Well, she has some internet connection but not good one, a reliable one.

Tomorrow I won't have to cook... ha ha ha I guess that is a break in my dull routine. NO... I AM NOT COMPLAINING... I am moaning... ha ha ha
I hope to go to the air conditioner... I usually don't open the house when it is very hot but the cleaner opened the whole house.

Well, I must go because she wants to clean this bedroom/office...

Bye for now... Good energy.

* Well, it is currently 7.39 p.m.
The cleaner has gone. She didn't want to clean the windows today, but I said I would be happy with that job done. I think she is tired of the work and she is always complaining about her back. She said she is going to refer me to another cleaner in case she quits.

If my husband was here he could help me with the housework and I would not contract the cleaner. But he is not.
I spoke very often with him today. He was at home.

I tried to phone my mother but she wasn't at home. I miss chatting with her. Today my father is in another town so I had to feed the dogs and clean their space.

Well, I am going to watch a bit of soap opera... but good night!