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2017-12-10 22:24:26 (UTC)

All about decoration today

Hi people!

It is 7.36 p.m. and we still have day light. It is good it is summer but I can't swallow the hot weather... I will never do. We had a delicious barbecue for lunch and after that my mother invited me to go to a decoration store... Yes, that one I have been before. I had my shower and got ready to go to her apartment because she wanted to change her clothes before heading to the store.

My brother as I said before is decorating his apartment and asked for my mother to do it for him. So, we walked the entire store and I had a big headache... In the end, I was tired but I was happy to be out of the house. If it wasn't my headache and my sandals I would have enjoyed more my time out.

As always I complained... moaned about my headache, my tiredness, my hurtful feet and my hunger... I guess I need change... of environment... and as I also mentioned I hate when it is too hot. The air conditioner of the car was too slow in my opinion.

After sometime there and my complaints I guess she decided we had enough of decoration for one afternoon. So, we had a nice coffee and cake at the supermarket cafeteria. I just loved the coffee and the cake. It was as always the highlight of day.

Although, I complain about my parents I do love them. I think it is nice that we can still get on despite our differences. Because it is like that sometimes. Dealing with the differences... we are different human beings and for sure each one think in a different way and we want different things and paths.

My daughter stayed at home with my father. By the way, my father cleaned the mess that was in the back of the house. Remember? They built a pavement in the back of the house and a roof as well. I didn't pay for that because I don't have this sort of money at the moment... But there my father is cooking for us and enjoying his time here. He keeps his dogs here as well and I got attached to them. However, they are a bit to big to play with them.

Brazilian families have very close bonds. Then I think sometimes if I didn't have them I would be very lonely here in my little world. Yes, people... I live in a little world and I got used to that. I like to be surrounded by people but I don't like anyone telling me what to do with my life and with myself. It is not the case I am antisocial but I lack company, I mean friends. I didn't have good experience with friends I guess and that has put me off of having close friends. It is a shame because my daughter had so many problems at school that I understand her and why she likes to be sometimes on her phone or at home by herself. I hope we can change that in the future. Hopefully for all of us future is kind of enigmatic.

Now it is getting dark... But I am happy. I took paracetamol and my headache has disappeared. Finally, I am relaxed and exhausted of being out and and about. I am now thinking about having another shower and watching a little bit of TV.

Tomorrow afternoon the cleaner will be here. I hope she comes on Monday this time. Right now I am doing one load of clothes and that is it for today.

Well, I am grateful for being out of the house and for not having a boring Sunday at home.

I leave below another quote, one that I think it is important for me... I guess I must believe that I can change my future... I still hope so.

"In order to succeed, we must first think that we can" (Nikos Kazantzakis)

Good energy and tomorrow is another day.