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2017-12-10 18:24:51 (UTC)

Sunday Normal...

Holy crap....I was mopping the floor earlier...and realized holy crap I am mopping the shooting pain through my leg.
WHOA!!! So, I actually enjoyed it as much as you can enjoy mopping the floor. It felt good to walk barefoot on that clean kitchen floor.

I took a shower, in between loads of clothes...and now I am about bored out of my mind sitting here. It is only a little after 1 o'clock and
I am about ready to hop in my car for a nice Sunday ride....through the country. I hate cold freezing weather....but things are caught business is all in order and my house too. Sick of watching his hoarding and his kind of acting like a nutcase sometimes...
just sitting in there screaming at the tv....or in the kitchen...with the refrigerator door open as he slowing positions all the water bottles...
with the labels facing the front and the rows of bottles in straight uniform lines. Weird to see that when I walk into his room with
a stack of his clean folded clothes and I have a path to his bed to set them...but the view of the rest of that room.....holy shit...
reminds me of the garage. HORDER HUSBAND is what he is.....and when he starts to look for something that he needs...
he pitches a fit....and ends up with another reason to go the store....LOWES. Home to see him coming....
I mean....I am not a man. But how many damn hammers, shovels, saws, blades, bottles of oil...etc...does one man really need
to survive? And knowing all that and seeing all that....I also know if the power went out and there was a snow storm....and we
were stuck here.....We would freeze to death....cause the portable kerosene heater is somewhere in his "building" and there is
no kerosene all.

Me, I like to be clean, organized and ready for stuff. And trust me....if I thought for real snow was coming. I would have a can of kerosene
in the garage....or back of my car....and I might go get a heater too. A new one. Him? OH NO, we got one up in the building...we can use.
REALLY? I can not count on that.....even a heater needs maintenance once and a while...I will let him try to drag it out and pitch his fit when
it does not I can save the day...with the one I have. I know. I know. That is wrong. But I would rather be wrong than
frozen to death.....

Okay...nuff on that....

Time to ride.....wish I had a Harley.