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2017-12-09 11:34:45 (UTC)


Good morning!

I didn't sleep very well last night. My parents were here and we had a delicious pizza delivered to our place. So, it was nice to have them here last night. At least, they didn't fight and we had a good time in family. The only problem was that I had a bit of insomnia after eating late at night.

My father came here this morning to wash the dogs. They needed a bath and so he came to do that. I spoke briefly with him because I woke up at 8.00 a.m. and he had finished the job.

I already had my breakfast. I wasn't very hungry either. I don't expect a lot for today. It will be an ordinary day... ha ha ha. I have to do some housework which I intend to do it later.

The house feels empty but I am in a good mood again. It is good to have a break from the school routine... I mean taking my daughter to school very early in the morning.

Tomorrow my parents will be here. Today they have a Christmas celebration with some co-workers I would say. So, we will be alone my daughter and I.

Well, just an update of my routine... ha ha ha

Back to the housework...

Good energy to all of us!