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2017-12-09 02:16:02 (UTC)

No one to yell at

Mood: Annoyed
Song: None i cannot find one that accurately describes how i feel.
Color: Blue

I get Angry sure, just like we all do, and i vent like anyone does, (definitely less than most people) but i rarely have the urge to just scram and yell and go off on someone.... I talk about doing so, but it's usually just talk.
Today i wanted to scream and yell at the people who are acting like idiots and then when i realized i couldn't/ Shouldn't do that, i wanted someone to vent to and there was no one.

The people that i would talk to that would understand i can't talk to for various reasons.
and the people that i maybe could actually vent to won't understand so it's useless!
I'm very upset, and even if i'm being dramatic, it's not what i want to freaking here i just want someone to understand and be on my side!
like yes i have been a little dramatic but one the other hand 98 % of what i've said is true and real and valid and i have a reason to be angery and upset...so let me be!
Everyone is either being ridiculously silent or just shrugging it off and i'm tired.