2017-12-08 17:35:16 (UTC)

An Open Chat with my Teacher and Relationships

Today,i went to attend one of my scool friend's brother weeding where i meet my class teacher..
I was 2 glass down and i had a fear if any smell will come out from my mouth or not..
I meet my class teacher and at first we discusse about how i gave the idea to him about exploring everyone's aim in their life. In the school Minu sir gave every student a work to write about their aim and bring that on Monday. He told everyone to write in their own words,what are everyone ambitions and what they want to pursue ahead in life. Specifically he told everyone to not write any name on the paper,it should be annonymous.
We then spoke for an half and hour and in that period i spoke my heart out about everything
I told about my personal life and my family, he shared his experiences about how he failed once and many other stories. His words inspires me a lot and i am blessed to have someone like him as a guide.
I love him to the core of my heart.

Now, i am watching Big boss and in today's eposodes all the family members of the contestant are visiting. They all are frezzed as statue and their family members come and advice them about how they are playing and what should they do ahead. The episode is all about relationships and i am feeling nostolagia...

Somewhere deep in my heart there is a soft corner in my heart for Anjali. I asked my heart should i try to go back to her and express her how much important she is to me. But,then i fear to loose her forever..
So this night will pass away like this and i will cheerish this day forever.
I have learned a lot and i want to stay positive like this.