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2017-12-08 12:32:55 (UTC)

Being happy for a change


We went with my mother to the supermarket. We stayed there for so long that I was fed up of waiting for her. There they have many facilities as hairdresser and then she was having a haircut. While we were waiting for her my daughter and I had a coffee at the supermarket cafeteria. We enjoyed a lot. At this time, the coffee was wonderful.

I entered the local lottery shop if I can say that in English... Anyway, I bought a ticket for this Saturday and one for New Year's Eve. I might try to buy a ticket where I am not betting with others for New Year. Oh... you never know...

Then we bought some water after the coffee and waited for sometime until my mother was ready. It was good to be surrounded by people and I think that maybe I could do something different in my future. I have been thinking about that.

Well, we arrived home a bit late and I was not very sleepy. So, I watched that soap opera... ha ha ha It seems that young lady is not naive anymore... Guess what? Nobody wants bad things all the time. I am tired of my own personal drama... I don't want to watch bad things before I sleep... Maybe I can think about watching it once in a while because it is too late.

I woke up this morning with a feeling that I want more in life... Yes, I want to be able to leave the house more often... But money is short as I always describe it here. Also, I don't want to leave my daughter here at home alone every afternoon. She needs me. So, all in the future but I would like to live it now. Moreover, there was a robbery in the back of our house on the other side in our neighbour's house. So, I am afraid to leave her at home alone.

My husband is fine... he also bought lottery tickets... ha ha ha I must laugh about it. A bit of luck would not damage our lives it would improve. He is OK and he said he is tired. I bet so with all the heavy tasks he has to do in his job. I keep saying for him to apply for other jobs but he says that there aren't a lot of jobs in the area. But it was nice to see him again this morning.

Talking about money... my brother helped me a bit with some cash. He said to use it. I will do it as Christmas is coming. We were supposed to buy the Christmas presents at the mall but my mother has other plans for today. She is helping my brother to decorate the apartment... Remember, she likes to decorate things...So, she is doing that for him. I phoned her this morning and she said she was going to be busy this afternoon in my brother' apartment.

Another day at home. I really don't mind to take my daughter to school because then I get out of the house. But now I am officially unable to leave the house because they are digging a whole to change a long pipe that is in front of my garage. What a wonderful thing. I just had to receive the truck with the pipes... and connections.

It is sunny again and I am washing a duvet . It needed washing because here we don't wear covers on it. It is already getting hot. It is 10.22 a.m. and I feel that I am in a good mood. Feeling relaxed and fresh after I went out. Also, my fridge is full again.

By the way, my daughter is still sleeping. Oh... holidays... I am enjoying the freedom of not having to get up early and cook early as well.

So, nothing else to add this entry... But I hope that my days ahead won't be so miserable so I can write a bit how happy I am. I was happy yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed being with my daughter at the supermarket... or just the fact I was out with her. I love my daughter.

Good energy and a lot of hope to carry on life!