2017-12-08 01:37:08 (UTC)

Don't hold on

Nothing can be forced especially in a relationship. When the person's feelings is not towards you and have no feelings at all towards you.
That means no matter how strong of a belief and faith we hold, it won't reach them.
As there is a saying that things, people and matters that will are meant for you will eventually appear and stay in your life. But if is not, no matter how strong we hold onto it, it will still eventually go.
And also to never forget that never to pour in too much or to be too immersed in giving in your feelings to someone who you knew from the very start that there is no such guarantee even though sometimes miracles can happen.
But never ever forget also that miracles don't come easily and does't come always.
Letting go matters, people and feelings that no longer belong to us a way to let go of ourselves to do more and something else better.