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2017-12-07 22:26:53 (UTC)

Low Blow

Mood: Angry and hurt.
Song: None
Color: Purple

So i know how low people can stoop, i've met and encountered the worst types of people in any way you could look at the word....I've been hurt, lied to, lied about, betrayed, abandoned, and left behind ect.
It's not a secret.
It's also not a secret that i still have hope for humanity...i still do...But i think there are some people that i no longer have any respect, or hope for, which ha...it's a good thing that their life isn't resting in my hopes....
a good reason that i am not God, because God still loves and has hope for them.
Which honestly makes me love and respect God even more because he's so much better than me which is a duh moment but you know what i mean!

So apparently People from MSBC are Still freaking talking shit and spreading Rumors and lies about me and my family and trying to ruin our lives.
The new news is that My Grandmother is now also doing that, she is talking to people here and lying and making me and us seem horrible and such when we didn't do a thing to her, she's the one who acted like a freaking Insane person screaming, yelling, threatening, Locking her self in a room for hours on end, saying genuinely horrible things to us and about us for no reason except that she wouldn't be allowed to act that way in this house and so she left. Good riddance was my thought, though if you've read the entry's on this subject you know how much the whole thing hurt, because your Grandmother should never treat you that way and that was low enough...now this? she's literally telling people lies and her insane twisted version of what happened....
And she was so pissed at MSBC for doing that and then she did the same thing and worse....and two the both of them my only thought is that Just when i thought you couldn't sink any lower, you do, you did and you disappoint me....and i didn't even realize you still had the ability to.

i can't describe to you how this feels properly.
I'm so angry and hurt and just....ugh!

Also Annalou Totally snubbed me when i saw her at the Post office today, i pulled up first and her right after me and as i went to get out of the car i looked to my left out my window, and she was looking out of her passenger side window and She gave me the most dirty looks...i just got out and acted normal because like... i didn't know all the details of whats been going on and then she avoided me like the plague she even went into the closed side of the post office and pretended to look at cards that she couldn't even freaking buy because the counter was closed... -_- then when i turned the corner to go to our P O Box she stood at the door until i came around the corner again to get the mail out of the other box and when she saw me she stormed out and then literally whiped out of the parking lot and sped off....and i mean that literally she was speeding because she was pissed at me for something i didn't even do, because she's believing lies.

I hate people who try to ruin other people's lives....like really? i don't and never will understand the people that are just set out to make your life a living hell, to break your happiness, your joy, your spirit, your Reputation anything they freaking can.
I don't understand that.... i mean there are people i could do that to people, to the people who have done that to me...but i guess i'm a better person because even though i could do that to them i don't because i would never do that to someone as i know what it feels like and i just don't understand why you would want to spiritually and emotionally scar someone for the rest of their lives.
Thats more than a low blow....thats evil.

I'm so sad and tired right now... i think i'm going to try to take like a 30 minute nap.
My lack of sleep and all the stuff that's been going on the past few days, this negative stuff plus the Choir concert which was really good and i'm glad i did it, but it was a anxiety inducing situation which just takes it out of you.
But I think i will never in my life forget the look on Doc's face when he realized the surprise and the pride he had in us when we were singing and he teared up.
I love him, he's an amazing person, which is why i still have hope in humanity because on one side you have people who are life wreckers and then you have people like Doc to help to teach you so that you can build a better life.