Spirit Desire
2017-12-07 22:22:55 (UTC)


I’ve been so intensely horny lately. Every guy I find remotely attractive I fantasize about fucking me. I want a coworker to pull down my stockings and fuck me from behind in one of the private rooms, then cum all over my pussy so we both know I have to walk around with my cunt covered in his hot cum.

I had a sexy Uber driver today and as soon as I got home I masturbated to the thought of me getting in the car and he’s jerking off trying not to let me notice. When we arrive I open my legs and show him my bare pussy. I lean forward and start to rub his fat throbbing cock. When he can’t take it any longer he jumps in the back, puts my legs on his shoulders, and rubs his cock slowly all over my cunt. When he finally stuffs it in me, after only five strokes and a stifled moans, he immidiately cums inside of me. After he shoved himself off, opens the car door, and ushers me out.

All these fantasies play in my mind over and over and so many more. My pussy is always wet and hot and ready to be filled.

What I would really like is if a guest followed me into the restroom, pushing my skirt up to rub his hard cock on my ass. Then he rips a hole in my stockings so he can shove is hard dick into me. I tell him, “I’m going to cum fast, so you should too. I’ll swallow it all if you want”.
I’m such a little whore. I’m glad I masturbate before I act on these things.