mila's diary
2017-12-07 21:17:36 (UTC)

climbing, step by step

Today I was still depressed, sad, crying, with a broken heart.

I decided to go climb anyway and it was the best decision in a while :Dn it was good, to meet new people, laugh, climb. It's really a very good activity. Everyone is so positive, and everyone set up a challenge to achieve. We share good laughs. It's like kids playground :p everyone plays and laugh.

I'm glad I started this activity. I completly forgot about my broken heart during the session, and was smiling on my way home :)

a part of me knew it, I dont feel depression or sadness when I'm around people having fun. I like it actually. I feel very positive. I wanna climb my way to hapiness, step by step, and feel happiness through every step :D I'll set up more challenges for 2018. Like join another club, maybe Hiking