Pearl Rai

My dreams seem to have a life of their own//dreams or nightmares🤔
2017-12-07 21:02:29 (UTC)


Last night I dreamt that a shadow was approaching me while I was sleeping and then I started praying ,that shadow kept approaching and I intensified my prayer until the shadow disappeared.As I prayed during the dream I felt like I’ve never felt before; I felt like the holly spirit had taken over I felt awesome and free and that can only be God in Jesus name Amen.
The same night I dreamt that we were at a party with my former colleague Joy who now works at the Uk,she gave me a big cash note which was in pounds,as I was still looking at it trying to figure out how much it would be my other former colleague Irene playfully tried to snatch it from me then she tore it a bit,I shouted at her for being so reckless,when I looked at it closely I saw that it could be close to 13G I then became worried that the bank won’t accept it since it was torn.

Tuesday night I had one of those weird dreams with a lot going on at the same time. I dreamt that I was on my way minding my own business when I noticed a couple which I could tell were foreigners because of their dress code and their conversation was in a foreign language, it was obvious they were on their way to church. I was ahead of them but using the same road, I stopped by some church which caught my attention because it was held in a fenced open space with no buildings,it seemed like a cult so I stopped to watch what was going on; everybody was on their knees and all couples holding hands with their heads bowed down in prayer.It seemed like all members were couples in that church and everyone was praying with their partner it was more like meditation to me.The leader was some white guy who was with his black woman. I wasn’t the only one fascinated by the cult as there were several other spectators by the fence.After the prayer the congregation stood up and they all left at once,the couple that I saw earlier on was also in attendance at that cult.
Then along the way I came across my cousin Lucky who was walking around half naked and barring her breasts for everyone to see. I told her point blank that I hope she wasn’t pregnant again,she just brushed me off and continued on walking.When I looked to my left there was a large bushy area;there I saw women wearing all white from head to toe they are of a certain denomination here we call them Zezuru,the women were expressing their breastmilk into milk cartons and they stood by the roadside selling the breastmilk,I remember feeling like there was breastmilk all over that place, I just passed by and continued on my journey, I honestly have no idea where I was headed to and those kind of dreams are tiresome;I woke up feeling like I never slept.