Lost stories
2017-12-07 20:49:13 (UTC)

You called

Today my day was too hectic. I was continuously mugging up things and learning new stuff , I hardly had any time left. I felt a little bad that i was not able to understand some things , they took really a lot of time . At the end of the day , there was no result and maybe I had to taste disappointment in my project. Tomorrow we need to work really hard and also need to speed up so that we can complete our project in time.
Well and at night you called , again you were depressed because of your grades ....Idiot i truly believe but slowly you are taking all the positive energy from me ...(is it or I am overthinking again). Well I hope when you talked with me you might feel little relieve as you texted me in the fast place right.It's okay but I am happy that my mom and dad are there for me and always stand with me. I guess I understood the importance of family when you left me ,I love my mom but I am not able to say it . I wish I could tell her how much I love her but it's okay , I am going to work infinitely hard to prove to my mum and for me .

I feel angry and upset too but I laugh quite often , I don't think too much now . I just love to talk to people and one day I will prove myself.