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2017-12-07 20:44:34 (UTC)


So lately its been bad. My depression has been at an all time high lately. Its hard to even get out of bed or pretend like im interested in everyday activities. I didnt even go to work today because I barely wanted to get out of bed. Things seem to just be getting worse and I feel like im out of control. And I always feel like I have no one to talk to because no one understands what i am going through everyday. I want to just spend everyday wrapped up in a blanket and not talking to anyone. And the one person who puts the biggest smile on my face isnt even someone i can run to because believe it or not that person is my boss.
If you have kept up with my blog over the past years, you would know im a bit boy crazy. Although I thought now that im engaged that would stop. But it never does. So am i truly happy in my relationship? I really dont know. He is my bestfriend on this earth but i feel like we have such a disconnect as of lately. And yet i go to work and talk to my boss and its like a smile never leaves my face.
Things have just been bad...