F o R e V e R
2017-12-07 19:09:28 (UTC)


your path is invisible, by chance it met mine,
my road was paved, paved before it could start.
yet we walked together, as if we walked the same path,
we made pacts together as if we'd never be apart.
you evolve like a butterfly and i'm struck in your mirage,
that paints a new image, changing the facts.
I know they don't know, so they could never understand,
but I wish they could accept, accept what I love.
I have a different plan, one that they will despise,
and it hurts me to know, I could never make them proud.
I often wondered how did it all start,
how did I fall in love, in love with what I could not love.
we are sitting on a cusp that connect us like the stars,
we laugh a little longer before it pulls us apart.
forever we say, as our love never dies,
and I'm sorry you couldn't stay, but I couldn't fight back,
you could never be the one, i have a different plan,
this life wasn't meant for us, so we meet in the sky.
you saw something i couldn't see, something I didn't love,
and I never asked you why,
I shine like a dragonfly