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2017-12-07 18:10:28 (UTC)

What is too old

They say people are to old to go back to school. Too old to be drinking. Too old to be at parties. I believe people use as too old.... To be mature and responsible. Even though people say there is no such thing as a time limit. People are loosimg compassion. So quick to judge how that person should have graduated a long time ago. How that person still lives at their parents house. How that person is 27 and still not married I wamt to settle. In 20. I'm young. Even though I say I don't want kids. I kinda lie to muself and hope someday id find the love of my life and have a family. The fear of being old. I have no time for that. Lol time.... Its all it takes.... I'm 20.... I need to start socializing.. Adrian would probably be married by 25. I won't. Ill be stuck figuring what I one knows what they want
They just are good liars to others and think they know it all. But in reality. They are in the same boat as you. I need help mentally... Money. Is what this world comes from I want to help homeless people. Because I wouldn't get anything in return. But it makes me feel good that I'm useful for someone. Even if they can't give back to me. I want to graduate. For homeless people ... Do research of looking. People judging. Thwre is no such thing as time. Time. Its the now. If you love what you do. Now. Help those people who need it. People give second chances. I want help them. Be someone's helpful if in need. I dont know. But all I know ill give you 100 percent if you sldont expect so much. Expecting kills I had to learn that the hard way. I wanted Adrian. But I expected to change him. And him thanking me later. Which in realirt it was fliped I should give him thanks for not lowering my standards. I shall just be ok. I was better off with out him. I dreamed we were at the funeral. The most horrible place people do. I wanted to he placed words in his head. Maybe I did call him stupid. He liked me. I liked him. A lot. I want a house. I wamt a family but I feel like ill never be as vlose to the oposite sex. I suck at kissing. I want to be 100% honest. I need to learn to accept my mistakes. Even though I looked for validation. It wasnt the smartest looking for another that wanted validation as well. Someone to respect me . Adrian straight up told me he disnt respect me. How he knocked me down about not getting his humor. In reality. We werent meant to be. I wanted to do things. Be helpful to othera. Need of the people. I have to be great at my job. Helping others success. All I want is a thank you. Thats it . just build connections. But I feel like I haven't done amything. Probably haven't. I know not to lead on many others.

Too old. No such thing. Theres people that are 35 and working manager jobs at retail stores. I need to show 100% be truthful. Make friends. Its what makes you want to come to work. Not every one focused on themselves. But focusinf making one friend. A day. I should do that my new year resolution. I need mental help. But I sit down and think everyone in this world has problems. And I'm just now coping how to do mine. I miss mom. I miss living home. But I lived home. I would have just gone with Adrian every day. He would have never respected me. He said it himself..... He didn't treat me well. I don't hate him I'm hurt. But it was my fault. I don't want to ever see him again. I hope hes ok. He probably is. He treated me like shit. I honestly. Need help. I want help. To by a condo. My own place. Waking up to a job I'm glad to have. Great leadership skills and . yeah. Helping.