thomas's diary
2017-12-07 18:09:04 (UTC)

friends vs family

so this is an argument that has been around for many years, kind of like Camaro vs Mustang (Camaro is better, just fyi). most people say that family should come before all other things in life; that it should be your biggest priority. there are some people out there who believe that friends should come before family; however, those people are few and far between. i am one of those people who belive that friends come before all other things. if i'm being honest, friends are the most important part of my life, and i have good reason to feel this way. i learned a long time ago that family tends to let you down a hell of a lot more than your friends do, and when your friends do let you down, it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it does when your family does. one example is that my biological mother gave me up when i was young. now, i was adopted, which should be a good thing, right? wrong. the parents i'm with now don't give a damn about me. my friends care about me more than my family does. i might not have a whole lot of friends; in fact i only have four true friends, they say that only 2% of high school friendships last after they graduate, but these four friends are the ones that i am still going to talk to after high school. i would do anything for my friends. i would take a bullet fer my friends; i wouldn't do that for my family. i believe that family is supposed to love, care, and provide food, shelter, and water. mine doesn't. i have to work for my stuff, including the right to stay in the house. there are times when i'm not aloud inside the house, so i go to work and sleep in the horses stables. my friends, however, go out of their way for me. one of them, i guess we'll go ahead and call him john (real name not stated for security reasons) offers to pick me up to take me to wherever i need to be. he does me favors, such as picking stuff up for me, as long as its not illegal, he listens to me when i need to rant to somebody, he offers me advice when i need it. if anything, my friends are the only reasons i'm still alive. if it weren't for them, i would have killed myself long ago.
but what if dying is the answer? maybe the world and everybody in it would be better off without me.