Michelle's New Beginning

Life goes on
2017-12-07 14:58:07 (UTC)

Ny's Plans

On break, it's fairly quiet day today.. I missed writing yesterday, oops
Yesterday was a really busy day but fun. Work was fast but enjoyable and we were done fairly early.

We all went out to lunch after work. We managed to finish at 2pm and Daniel took an extended lunch and Amy's boyfriend and Tara's boyfriend met up with us at the restaurant. We came to a decision and booked it. We are doing NY's eve in Manhattan New York!!! , Amy's boyfriend had a connection and got us His brothers loft apartment in downtown NY!!!! For as long as we want it but we are thinking 2 nights!!!! So psych'd. I see how much life is coming together for me and I am happy. New York for New Years!!! omg lol, We were also invited to a formal dinner/dance/black tie NY's eve celebration then to watch the ball drop. I need to get a really knock out dress!! Us girls are going shopping soon to get each of us something to wear. It was just decided and done in a matter of a few hours lol. I have always wanted to be in time square. I love black tie affairs. Christmas at the cottage and NY's in New York :) PERFECT way to kiss 2017 goodbye and ring in a new year <3

I am in a really good headspace today. Amy and I are packing tonight and I am already in jammies sipping on egg nog. My bird is sitting on my shoulder nuzzled in my hair.. . Amy and I had a good talk. She said as much as it hurts her to see the pain I've been through, go through.. She is so thankful I am home with her. How I have made her life better just coming back home. How much she loves and missed me.. We both cried and hugged. It's bittersweet. Moving home.. I love being here with her though.. It really is..home...My life is here.. . It's so windy and cold out. We ordered dinner in and should be here any minute although I have lots of Zoup in the fridge lol.

Thought of Him a few times today and I am missing Him still, I doubt I ever cross His mind but it's likely best. I don't want Him to hurt like I have/do.

Anywayssssss :)

 I am going to go do some more packing.. <3