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2017-12-07 14:32:49 (UTC)

After my Bachelors Final Exams

So my final exams are over finally! And now i'm kind of free. My papers didn't went so well but it's a good news that they are over.
Yesterday i got a call from my SATELLITE COMMUNICATION MAM ''MAM SARA BHATTI''. She certainly calls me start asking about my paper whether it went well or not. I was an excellent student in her class but she was surprised that how the hell i got soo less marks that was only passing marks. So she wanted to meet me personally and sort out the problem. This was very secret that she warned me that not to tell anyone and she is doing a favor to me as i'm an excellent student and she don't want me to pass with lower grades. Apart from this talk she requested me to give my personal hand written notes to her.

Well, the good news is I GOT A 3RD SCHOLARSHIP FINALLY!!! i was desperately waiting for this since for a long time. But i can get my money after convocation i.e after 3 months but thats okey !

There's a lot of stuff gone through, past days regarding final year project. I gave my project to some buddy know who knows the work and ready to do it. He completed half of the project then his scholarship has been confirmed in south Korea. So he was willing to hand over the project to another person. Our deal if of 40K rupees as a whole. We paid the 1st perosn half of the amount. Then the situation got worse when we agreed to give the project to the 2nd peroson. He took our project and he was so slow that 3 months just flew off. and he was not able to do project fully according to the requirements. So we were so angry that he is not doing anything so we decided to take the project back from him and we were also willing to pay the cost of the components he have purchased from his pocket. The fact is that he purcahsed the component of approx. 600-700 rupees. but he was demanding over amount i.e 8K rupees, which is very much of difference. So i lost my control and i messaged to the 1st person to sort out the problem. Then after a long long discussion, we agreed that we will take the project and will not pay any amount and 1st person will pay off everything to 2nd person because it was his mistake that he arranged a wrong guy.
Anyways after all this headaches, i kept the project in my house and now don't know what to do.