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2017-12-07 13:25:30 (UTC)

Everybody lies...

Yes in case you are reading this you are thinking what im a big fan of the show.

People all over are idiots. Let us accept this fact and embrace it the best we can. Strange thing is its not frustrating or anger that's making me write this. It's more like a big okay so this is it type of feeling.

So this is in the news either true or this beloved country India which im sure you all heard of its rich culture and all...a muslim was murdered, body burnt by a Hindu...a typical hate crime. Yep. It still rages on. The eternal battle between the two casts is as old as the black vs white wars in the American soil. For all you good guys out there im sure there are just a few like these who just can't live in peace. So go ahead defend humanity and tell us whats good...for ill be right here pointing out where we go wrong. I see the good. But I focus on the bad.

So here we are..people are and will always be idiots all over the world.