The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-12-07 12:47:09 (UTC)

Should I Or Shouldn’t I???

So, I still have my dating profile, but i have it hidden, so that way i dont get messages and feel guilty for not messaging them back.

but people who I’ve messaged or they messaged me can still message me even though no one else can see it. Not sure, why I still have it. I’m so busy right now, and all i do is sleep most of the time. I don’t even have time to do things I once enjoyed. well, I still enjoy them. but my depression makes me unmotivated and not want to do anything.

But Danny, had messaged me again, cause I told him if he isnt looking for s relationship, he should change that in his dating profile.

He had mentioned we could still be physical. and I was like ok. and what’s the point of that?? I had told him, that, I didn't think. he even liked me really, and he said, that he “does” but, like why would you have a dating profile up ?? Even when I tried messaging him first. asking him how his day was he never really seemed interested. and he just stopped talking to me, after the last time we had sex. probably to get it out of his system, before he found someone “better”

In some ways, I do want to hook up again. because, i haven't done anything physical, since the last time we hung out. But, the other part if me is like why bother??? you’ll give him what he wants.

But on the orher hand I’ll get laid. So should I shouldn’t I?