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2017-12-07 10:49:29 (UTC)

Late morning

Good morning!

I just had my breakfast and now I am thinking about having a shower. I am a bit lazy and I hope this afternoon my mother and I won't argue...
Yesterday we had a fight through the phone... Not very nice. Well, I hope to forget that as it doesn't make me feel good. I really don't feel like describing it in detail but I said a couple of things to my mother.

Today my brother will take his things to his apartment. I really hope that he will be OK and that he will rebuilt his life after his marriage ended. He seems to be better with his new girlfriend. Let's see if the rest which he is going through and I didn't mention here will be better for him...

I am still in my pijamas and I am feeling a bit fed up of being at home. I had a good night of sleep without being worried if I could sleep or not later in the morning. So, I enjoyed it a lot. This afternoon I will be going to the supermarket and then I would like to have a coffee at the local cafeteria.

It is good that I will be going out even though I am only going to do the shopping. I haven't spoken to my husband but I will have to do it later as he is at work.

Right, I should be doing some laundry so I better move on...

Good energy and peace for all of us!